Best emergency supplies that every prepper should have

Prepare for natural disaster
Prepare in advance for a natural disaster

To protect yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors, you need to be always prepared for the unseen events. Sometimes, even the rarest of all natural disasters can occur in the most unexpected way. Arming yourselves with the best emergency supplies is fundamental to your survival. There are lots of useful supplies that you could choose from. However, high on the list of important emergency supplies, you really should get at least these items before any potential disaster hits:


  1. Clean water supply – Water is life. A prepper must have a large supply of bottled water. Furthermore, the prepper must have the knowledge to procure water from contaminated sources of water. These processes are mainly distillation and filtration.
  2. Non-perishable food – These are those types of foods that have long shelf life. They do not require refrigeration. They are usually perfect during food shortage seasons.
  3. Portable sources of light – They are lanterns, headlamps, and flashlights. Both headlamps and lanterns can be quite useful because they can free up your hands since they can be hung overhead with a string. This way, they can illuminate your shelter, or if you need to explore, work or even cook, you can do so with both hands
  4. First Aid Kit – A prepper should always have a well-stocked first aid kit. They should contain all the necessary generous supplies that a first aid kit should have plus more.
  5. Sources of heat – A prepper may have a lightweight ax to help in collecting firewood for heat or may have a propane for cooking with ample supply of propane.
  6. Personal hygiene items – When there is a widespread disaster, you will probably not be able to go shopping for quite some time, so stock up on them for future use as a conservative measure. The last thing you will want to worry about is your personal hygiene when disaster hits.
  7. Hiking backpack – In case you and your family need to flee when things get dangerous, you will require a hiking backpack to be able to carry the most basic of necessities, such as water, food and even a map of the area.
  8. Map – It is an essential tool. It helps you identify safest paths to follow away from danger.
  9. Compass – A prepper should know how to use a compass. Some good compasses come with a built-in thermometer and signaling mirror that are quite useful in survival situations.
  10. Pepper spray – You never know when danger strikes. Having strong pepper sprays that can ward off grizzly bears, cougars, and wild dogs is paramount.
  11. An emergency radio A small emergency radio is good to have if any news of progress is being broadcasted. Also, a prepper should have a good amount of batteries stored up so that you can power up the radio to receive potentially life-saving information.
  12. The right clothing – It is important for a prepper always to have the right clothes such as warm clothes for cold seasons or snow clothes for the snowing seasons. Having the right clothes helps withstand harmful elements such as snow and slush.
  13. Sleeping bag – Not just any sleeping bag but the one that will keep your body warm even with a significant drop in temperature, especially since the electric or gas heater may no longer work. It should be able to hold up to repeated use.
  14. Hiking boots – It is important to have hiking boots built to withstand heavy hiking. When fleeing the state or your home becomes the only option, they will serve a great purpose.
  15. Warm room – It is essential that a prepper has a separate room built just for warmth in his or her own house. A heavy duty tarp can also serve the same purpose plus much more.